Taylor procedural history

Working from the microfilmed court papers and the microfilmed docket entries, I put together a procedural history of the case:


I included the name of the victim (Kathy Shelton) because she recently went public. (I do not doubt that she was the victim of a crime.)

My next post will discuss the events that gave rise to the prosecution. I rely primarily on the article Glenn Thrush wrote for Newsday in 2008. It is the most cohesive narrative I have found:


There are references in the court papers to a statement made by Taylor when he was arrested. The Thrush account indicates that Taylor, in that statement, denied any wrongdoing but placed himself in the company of the victim — and the two other witnesses she identified — close to the time of the offense.

Stay tuned …



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2 Responses to Taylor procedural history

  1. Frances Gandy Walsh says:

    I am wondering if you found any information as to the Judge in this case, telling Hillary Rodham that she couldn’t be present during a part of trial, because he had never discussed a rape case in front of a woman? I believe that bit of information was in the news at that time? Thank you for your efforts in breaking down the facts and data at the time!

  2. Norma Chase says:

    I looked for news coverage of this case, and only found a small item reporting the arrests and a small item about Taylor’s plea and sentence. No mention of what you describe. Sounds to me like this judge considered a female lawyer to be a novelty.

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