Arkansas v. Taylor — docket entries

The 1975 case of State of Arkansas v. Thomas Alfred Taylor has attracted a great deal of attention — Hillary Clinton was defense counsel.  The court papers are online:

Because claims have been made that those papers do not substantiate, I obtained the docket entries (a roughly chronological listing of the documents and rulings in the case).  I was wondering if anything was missing from the microfilmed papers.

The docket does show some rulings that are not in the papers.  (Sometimes court rulings are simply entered on the docket, without a corresponding written order being prepared and signed.)

Contrary to what has been widely asserted:

The complainant was not compelled to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.  Hillary’s motion seeking such an evaluation was denied.

No ruling was made excluding any forensic evidence.  In fact, no motion was even made seeking such a ruling.

Here are the docket entries:

More to come …





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