crayons as essential office equipment?

I never thought of them that way, and I don’t have much occasion to use them, so I don’t keep them handy.  Something happened to change that.  And no, nobody has taken my sharp objects away from me — yet.

A colleague for whom I do freelance work sent me to court as an observer in a case that indirectly affected his client, with instructions to take copious notes.  While I was taking the notes, my pen ran out of ink.  I switched to the only other pen in my backpack.  A few words later, it also ran out of ink.  I knew some of the attorneys in the room, but none were within nudging distance.  They probably would not have appreciated the interruption anyway.

I kept taking notes anyway, pressing the pen down as hard as I could so that I would be able to read the impressions later.

Afterwards, someone I shared this trauma with suggested I rub the pages with a crayon to improve the readability of the impressions.  It worked.

I was annoyed at having to buy a whole box when I only needed one, but they may come in handy when there are kids in the waiting room — or if my sharp objects are ever confiscated.



About Norma Chase

Lawyer in private practice. Practice emphasizes family law and appellate work.
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